Frequently Asked Questions

A spark is one of your imaginary identities. As a spark of your imagination, it enables you to be anything you ever wanted to be. Your spark can be a person, an animal (cats and dogs are welcome) or even a plant or an alien.

Sparks aren’t linked to a real person. Unless you disclose the ownership of a certain spark, we keep it top secret.

A bubble is a virtual place to hang out. It can be as crowded as a park in a hot summer day, or as quiet as your bedroom. The bubble is also a story, an on-demand microblog, a one-in-a-lifetime event. You decide.

Sequel worlds are loosely defined themes that group sparks and bubbles together. You may have worlds for Gotham City, an alien planet, slacklining or healthy food. Each world may have a set of rules defined by its creators to keep it in order.

Anyone will be able to create new worlds.

Sparks may choose a ‘home world’.

You can discover Sequel sparks as regular users in Mastodon and other Fediverse platforms, follow them and receive posts in your timeline.

In the future, Sequel will support seamless replies, likes, etc.

We are running an open beta since January 2022. We are hoping to go-live on Flow mainnet in June/July 2022. Follow the latest news in The Sequel Republic bubble.

Yes, source code for some vital components of Sequel ecosystem is available on GitHub:

We will open source other components as soon as there is a substantial interest in the community. We strongly believe that the only way to achieve transparency is to make the source code open.