2023 Sequel Roadmap Announced

By Charlie

Feb 17, 2023 | 2 minutes read

Tags: announcement, roadmap

Sequel’s development team has started 2023 with a large infrastructure upgrade to pave way to a line-up of new features. And now we are happy to announce the deliverables on our development roadmap for this year.

We provided limited access to Digital Art Studio to the selected digital art creators in late 2022. This year, the Studio will be available to a broader community of Sequel residents. You will be able to create digital art directly in the Sequel App and offer it for sale in the Marketplace.

Sequel’s Digital Art NFTs are based on the standard NonFungibleToken contract that allows NFT owners to list their NFTs on most public marketplaces. We will add Secondary Marketplace to the Sequel app to make this experience seamless for NFT owners.

Paid subscriptions are coming to Sequel! According to our product philosophy, Sequel will always remain free, but we will enable successful creators to sell paid subcriptions for unique content.

Sequel has been integrating with Fediverse since the first Alpha release. You can follow Sequel sparks on any Fediverse platform of your choice, like Mastodon or PeerTube. But so far it’s been mostly one-way communication. We have great ideas how to bring feedback from Fediverse into Sequel, in our own unique way, of course. Watch this space!